Thursday, June 30, 2011

Doing what we can

I handed Jill and Sam each a beer. It was warm but in a time like this you take what you can. They both drank slowly not saying a word. Yeah it was dangerous but everything is right now. You just can’t go to the store and pick up a gallon of milk. You get lucky if it doesn't take an army to get the gallon of milk, hell you can’t even get milk right now. Any way we have tanker of gas now and a way to move large amounts of water. Cars and trucks are not hard to find so that is next
We had lost friends today but maybe saved our little tribe from the ghouls. I can understand why Jill and Sam are not talking but tomorrow we need to start moving again. We need to find a way to start building. We have lost a lot of good people we owe it to them and to those who are still with us to build a future, one better than we left behind.
For now we sat looking out over the city wondering what else we could have done.

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