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Old Navy: A Zombie Story (part 3)

Disclaimer:  This is a work of fiction. The events that take place are for entertainment purposes ONLY. This written very quickly.

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Before Noon Presents

Old Navy: A Zombie Story
Part 3
On Top of the World

            The rain was beginning to pick up a little. Alex, an extremely tall guy with short black hair, is an Archeology major at the University of Kansas. He was folding some shirts in boys feature. The store was slow today that he had folded this same stack of shirts about 5 times, just so he had something to do. Alex looks up and stretches a bit. He really wishes that he could have a waist high work station so he would not be hunched over as much.

            After he finishes stretching he sees Katie W smile and wave at some one that just came in.  He asks over to ask, “Who was that?”
            Katie W replies, “Josh and Jason.”
            Andy walks over, “What about Josh and Jason?”
            “Oh Katie just waved to them as they came in the door.”
            Andy smirks, “Jason is gunna love this.”
            Andy starts to walk away when Nick and Patrice walk though the door. He waits for them, says something to Patrice them follows them to the back.

Alex walks back over to boys. He scans the shops for any straitening he might have missed. He goes into the fitting room where Krissy, another supervisor, is helping Lindsay process some go backs. Krissy is from Chicago, and sounds like it when she talks, most of the guys find her annoying due to a lack of brain power and hot in that Lois Griffin way. Lindsay is about 6 months from being a 3rd grade teacher. Martha is back there as well grabbing the last of the running. Alex helps her run the rack. Alex gets along with Martha just great they both like to party but Martha is a little wild for his tastes. After they finish the running Alex goes on his fifteen minute break before the meeting starts. He passes Andy and Jason as he goes to the back. Jason is ranting about something, “…sixteen t-stands! I can’t believe this. Of all the stupid things…” Alex looks at all the food. He asks Danice “so is all this for us?”
            Danice replies, “Yeah but not right now. You can have some Cookies though.” She hands him a package of E.L. Fudges.
            “Thanks,” He takes them and goes to break.

About and hour later the meeting starts. There is a gust of wind that shrieks across the roof of the building. Andy is trying to lock the doors but seems to be having trouble with the left door.
Alex turns to Jen Fitz, “You know we are always having trouble with that door.”
Robin walks over and slips, “Crap.”
“Are you ok Robin?” Alex ask.
“yeah, I got these new shoes and they are just really slick. I have been falling all day.”

The door slams open. Knocks Andy down and it cuts his face.

Robin covers her mouth to muffle the scream. 
            “Damn, that looks like it hurt.” Jen Fits says.

With Andy on the injured reserves Krissy is now running the game.

Alex is winning the game, with Austin a close second.  Austin is a stereotypical high school jock. Alex is enjoying his lead that he barely notices the rain. Laughter comes from register six after Steve said something.

Just then a guy starts pounding on the windows. He runs away screaming.
            Alex looks at Fitz “what is that guy’s problem.”
            Jen Fitz replies “I don’t know. I think he is on drugs or something.”
            The wind gusts and smashes the left door. Alex hears Andy mumble something as he gets up to close the door. Andy steps outside in the pounding rain. From Alex’s Point of View, Andy just stops, and looks into the sheets of water that are pounding down. He takes a few steps out into the rain.

            Jen turns to Alex, “Why is Andy just standing there?”
            Alex replies, “Maybe he needs a shower?”

Jen snickers. Alex hears Steve say something but he can’t make out what is said over Jen’s Snicker.

Some one from the other group shouts, “Is that blood!?” “Oh my God, There are tons of them!!”

The door shatters and Andy is pulled through. Alex is frozen in fear. Jen pulls him toward a ladder.  They both trip and fall through the forest of t-stands.  As they help each other up Alex turns back and sees a leg in Brian’s hands. Alex turns and vomits.
            “That is gross. We need to get out of here.” Jen says.

Josh and Jason are yelling something. Jen sees Austin and Martha scramble up a ladder in Men’s feature, they try to follow. The front of the store is now teeming with zombies.  Like killer bees they swarm over any one who is in there way.  Alex and Jen just make it up the ladder.  The Zombies try to follow up the ladder. Austin kicks the ladder to the ground.  Alex looks to the kids’ side and sees a group of people lead by Steve and Lani running toward the fitting room.  Alex snaps his head around when he hears the door slam on the Women’s side. Krissy was too late to get into the back room. She pounds her fist on the door.
            “DAMN IT!” She yells.

She turns with her back to the door marked ‘employees only’. She looks up and spots Alex and Austin watching her. She looks to her right and scrambles up the ladder to the upstock in women’s shop two. 

            Austin Yells “Kick the ladder over.”
            Krissy shouts back “What!”
As Austin yells at again Krissy sees a zombie climbing up the ladder toward her. She kicks it in the face. The Zombie falls. Krissy then kicks the ladder over.

Thirty minuets later the Zombies have calmed down.  They are just bumping into the door first door in women’s two.  The zombies stand about three feet back from the walls where people are on top of them. The zombies just kind of sway like wheat in the wind and moan like an obese family leaving all you can eat crab leg night at the Ameristar. In the fitting room about half a dozen zombies that followed the group to the kids stock room. The zombies are just bumping into this door as well. A few Zombies are ‘stuck’ on some fixtures in the baby section.

            Martha shouts across the store to Krissy, “Are you ok?”
            “Yeah, how is everyone over there.” Krissy shouts in reply.

They look around. “Everyone seems ok, except for Kendra,” Austin replies. “She cut her hand climbing into upstock.”

Kendra looks at her arm. The cut is really a bit mark. The flesh around it has started to turn a pail shade with the veins starting to enlarge.  She lies down and falls asleep.

The moans from the zombies put the group to sleep.  Alex awakes to a sound of running water and laughter. He looks over and sees Austin peeing on to the zombies.

            “Ha, ha, Take that you undead crap holes” Austin is whispering as not to awake the others.
            Alex asks him, “What are you doing.”
            “This is great, if you have to go you should try this.”
Alex looks around, every one is asleep. He stands up and starts to urinate on the zombies.
            Alex starts to chuckle, “this is awesome.”
            “Oh yeah, try to hit their eyes it is like a little bulls eye.”

About the time that Austin and Alex run out of pee the ladies start to wake up.  Kendra is coughing now.

Martha looks over, “What the hell are you guys doing?”
They say nothing.  She just glares at them.
            “Oh, I am jealous. That looks like it could be fun.”

Kendra continues to cough.
Alex and Austin both just smile. 
Jen wakes up and vomits a little, “What the hell is that smell.”
“If it smells like urine then blame the two knuckle heads here.” Martha replies.
“No,” Jen continues. “It smells like a dumpster on a hot and sticky summer afternoon.”
Alex sarcastically says, “You spend a lot of time around dumpsters in the summer?”
“No,  and your new name is Lex.”
“or Lexy.”
“I don’t think that this is the time…”
“Oh Lexy your so sexy.”

Clank, Clank, clank. Every one looks across the store and sees Krissy picking up hanger rods off of the top of the booth sets and chucking them like spears at the Zombies. She is missing badly with every shot. She gets a little closer to hitting the head of one of the zombies. She stops and tries to aim, pointing the rod at a Zombie then pulling it away like she was churning butter. She hits one with a sound that was like an echoing crush of a watermelon.

“Ha, ha! I got him. Take that Target zombie in the red shirt.” Krissy yells with a bit of rage. “I was supposed to at a bar-b-q! I’m gunna get another pole and line all of you friends up besides you. Aaaggghhhhh.”
Martha Shouts across the store, “Hey Krissy. Those used to be humans.”
Krissy pauses a minute, she looks blankly toward the front of the store, sets down the rod, it falls to the floor. She sits down about the same time the rod clanks to the floor.
            “Oh, you’re right.” Krissy just shuts down and weeps a little.

Martha and Alex try to calm down Krissy as Kendra rises up and starts to moan. Now a pasty white color you can see the blue vein through her skin. Her eyes are sunken in and glazed over. Austin notices something is not right. He tries to get Alex’s attention by tapping him on the shoulder.
            “Um, guys.”  Alex and Martha just keep trying to calm down Krissy.
            “Guys I think something is wrong with Kendra.”
Kendra is slowly tripping over the bars and climbing toward the group. Jen turns around and screams.  Krissy looks up just as Austin grabs the back of Zombie Kendra’s shirt and hurls her off of the top or the booths. Zombie Kendra’s undead body soars and becomes impaled on a t-stand in men’s feature. She wiggles around, a lot.

An hour or so goes by when Alex perks up. “I wish we had a way to get some food.”
            Martha replies, “Yeah if we could just get some one to deliver a pizza.”
            Jen sits up. “Or we could just call the guys in the back!”
            Martha, “Yeah and how would we do that? If someone had a cell phone we could have called about 5 hours ago. I mean the damn sun is getting ready to come up.” Jen looks at Alex.
            “What?” Alex says defensively.
Jen just looks at Alex. Then she looks at Martha. Martha nods and they both look back at Alex.  “What?!” Alex once again is defensive.
The two ladies say nothing.
            “Oh,” Alex says bashfully. “I guess I do have my phone in my pocket.” 
            “Alex I swear to God, if I was sure that you where not one of the last men on the planet I would kill you now.” Martha says with a wink.

            “Right,” Alex replies as he pulls out his phone.  He looks down at it.  He chuckles.
            “What is so funny?” Jen asks. 
            “Oh I have a text from Lacero, Beer at the O.C. J
He starts to dial Shawn’s phone. “It’s ringing…Shawn its Alex there are 5 of us alive on top of the booth sets and we are starving and don’t want to be eaten. Did Steve and his group make it back there?”

There is a pause.

“You want what? We’re the ones in trouble here.” He looks up to the group, “he wants me to repeat my self.” Alex talks back in to his phone. “We are alive…on top of the booths…Six, well, five but Kendra was bitten or something and we had to toss her on to a t-stand...did you guys hook up with Steve’s group though the fitting room…Damn…Well we have killed three Zombies, so I would say, around two hundred, maybe more… Thanks, and hurry up.”

Alex turns to the group, “They are going to come and get us.”

Coming soon Part 4…………

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