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Old Navy: A Zombie Story (part 4)

Disclaimer:  This is a work of fiction. The events that take place are for entertainment purposes ONLY.  Story written very quickly.

And now….

Before Noon Presents

Old Navy: A Zombie Story
Part 4
The Twelve Footer

Every one is Awake now awake in the Men’s stockroom.   Josh looks up from the couch.  There is some sort of commotion around Shawn.   He sees that Shawn is on the phone and every one is asking questions.  Josh hears a few.  “How many are there?” “Who is dead?”

Josh shouts out “Have you seen Katie?”

The questions continue to fly at Shawn. “Is any one hurt?” “Did any one get bitten?”  “Where did they come from?”

Scott is standing to the left of Josh and shouts out “Are there any Giant Squid out there?”

Josh punches across his body with his right hand and hits Scott in the arm, hard. Scott shuts up and just rubs his arm.

Shawn speaks into the phone again, “Alex repeat what you just said”

“You want what? We’re the ones in trouble here.” Alex Screams into the phone. He looks up to the group, “he wants me to repeat my self.” Alex talks back in to his phone. “We are alive.”

“Ok, you’re where?”

On top of the booths”

“On top of the booth sets?”

Yes! Again with the repeating!”

“How many of there are you?”

“Six, well, five but Kendra was bitten or something and we had to toss her on to a t-stand”


“Did you guys hook up with Steve’s group though the fitting room?”

“No, we came in through the first door in women’s?”


“And how many Zombies?”

“Well we have killed three Zombies, so I would say, around two hundred, maybe more.”

“Wow, that’s a lot. Ok man we are going to try to get you down and in here some how.  Just hang in there. We will come to get you soon.”

“Thanks, and hurry up.”

Alex turns to the group, “They are going to come and get us.”

Shawn hangs up the phone and looks up.  Amy H looks at Shawn and ask, “So how are we suppose to go and get them.”
“Well I did say soon.”

No one else says a thing for fifteen minuets while every one thinks.  Nick gets board and starts to play Pac-Man.  Scott is bouncing a high bounce ball off of the wall.  Aaron is walking around the back room pacing.

Shawn snaps up and Grabs the ball from Scott.
Scott snarls, “Hey!”
“Sorry Scott but these are the answer.” Shawn answers. “We get all of those bouncy balls out of the back and roll them under the feet of the Zombies. They will trip and fall all over each other and we can use that time to get the gang down from the top of the booths.”

Patrice looks at Shawn, “So where do we get the ball from?”
“From the Kids Stock…” Shawn trails off.
“Right through the herd of Zombies.”
“Well it’s a start.”
Patrice Shouts, “WE NEED AN END NOT A START!”

Every one is quite. All they hear is the ‘dew, dew, dew’ of Nick Dying on Pac-Man.

Jason snaps his head around, “That is it, Pac-Man!” He runs in to the Men’s stock room and start grabbing empty fixtures and putting them together like MacGyver with an Erector Set.  Every one just stairs at him for a few moments, Aaron and Josh walk over to him concerned.

Aaron starts, “Hey J, what the heck are you doing?”
Jason replies franticly, “Building a maze”
Jason stops to catch his breath and then starts to explain. “Ok in Pac-Man the ghosts have to follow the paths though the maze.”
“Jason, we’ve all played Pac-Man.”
Jason is starting to get excited while he is explaining, “Right, well the ghost can’t go through the walls of the maze. That has never made any sense to me they are ghost, they can go though things, like walls.”
“Jason!” Josh shouts. “What are you trying to do, build a maze?”
“Close,” Jason replies. He is now starting to pant from being so excited. “WE are going to build walls, so the Zombies can’t get to us.”

On top of the booths Krissy is just sitting there rocking back and forth with her knees in her chest. She shouts at Alex. “Did he say how long it was going to be?”

Alex shouts back, “No he just said soon.”
“OK, how long has it been?”
“A little more than an hour!”

Fitz, Martha and Austin are looking down at the Zombies.

Martha notices something, “Do you think the Zombies are moving faster now then they where before the sun was all way up?”
Fitz answers, “well it did drop below freezing last night maybe they got cold.”
Austin chimes in, “You mean like a snake?”
“Yeah like a snake. Did Kendra feel cold when you grabbed her?”
“I don’t remember, it all happened so fast.”

Just then out of the door in Women’s four burst Josh, Scott, Patrice and Caroline.  Scott and Josh are carrying an H-fixture that looks more like a fence with as many jet rails that was jammed across it.  They zip tie it to the spine between the first two booths on the non-dom wall and then they flip the tables on their sides and run back into the back room.  As this is happening Patrice has a bakers rack full of boxes full of shoppers, she struggles to place a row behind the H-fixture so it won’t move. Care run over and grabs the floor ladder that is in the shop and jams it next to the non-dom wall. She locks it and runs back in to the back to help Josh and Scott.

Aaron, Jason, Amy H and Shawn come barreling out of the back door of the fitting room. With two more super H-fixtures. Shawn and Amy connect them to the other super H-fixture. Aaron and Jason push the two tipped over tables in to the aisle and zip tie them down to the out side of the accessories cage and the end cap. Amy wheels another ladder in to Shop 4.  Aaron, Jason and Shawn start placing accessories fixtures end to end and zip tying them together and Jason starts securing them to the inside of the Accessories cage. 

As Jason moves to secure the far right side of this new wall in accessories two Zombies round the corner, Martha and Caroline scream. Jason looks up just in time to see Aaron put a t-stand face out in the first one’s head. The hollow thud and splash of blackened blood startle him. This drops the first Zombie. The second Zombie goes after Aaron. With a T-stand face out in each hand Aaron puts one through each temple of the other Zombie.  He helps Jason up.  “Come on man, we need to get out of here.” The two men make it back to women’s four. Shawn, Josh and Scott secure the last of the ‘fence’ that now blocks off the shop.  Every one from the back room jumps up and down in joy. 

Fitz shouts across the building, “That was great. Now what?”

Scott and Shawn are the first up the floor ladder to the top of the booth set.  They see Krissy.

“Krissy get your butt over here and get down the ladder.” Scott shouts.

Krissy bounds over to them on top of the both sets and she makes it over to them with ease. The Zombies are starting to pool around the accessory cage and the front corner of the fence.

Shawn looks at Krissy, “Why the hell did you not get down this way earlier?”
“I, I, I just don’t know. But thank you.” Krissy climbs down.  Care and Erica take her to the back to get some food and water.  Aaron and Jason carry out the first twelve foot ladder, followed by Josh and Patrice with the other one.  They pass the first ladder up to Shawn and Scott; they struggle getting the ladder across the opening and under the lights.  Shawn and Scott pull the ladder up and smash it though a couple of light fixtures. By doing this they knock the track lighting off and it splits a Zombie’s skull with a loud Crack.  Shawn walks over the ladder and using even more zip ties straps it down.  Scott, Madeline and Aaron start sliding shelves across the ladder to Shawn. Shawn places them across the top of the cage to make a little platform. It wobbles a little.

Shawn shouts down at Jason, “It’s a little shaky but it might work.”

Jason walks to the back and grabs a bunch of walkie talkies. He passes some up to Shawn and the group.  Every one puts one on.
Jason talks over the walkie to Shawn, “I am tired of yelling. Toss one over to those guys.”

Shawn tosses a walkie over to the other group and Alex puts it on.

Scott and Madeline walk the other twelve foot ladder across to Shawn. Madeline looks down and sees the Zombies snapping like baby birds that need food. She takes a moment to catch her breath on the platform. With the big inhale that she takes the smell overwhelms here. It smells like a dead animal that was wrapped in old bacon fat and put in a dumpster in the middle of the summer.  The smell makes her vomit. Most of Madeline’s puke hits the Zombies. They don’t flinch. By now Scott and Shawn have placed the other latter across the second span to where Alex and the rest are waiting. Shawn goes to strap down this ladder and fumbles a bit and he drops the Zip ties.

“Shit,” Shawn says under his breath.
Scott hears this and leans down, “What’s up?”
“I dropped the zip ties, the last zip ties.”
“I guess we will have to hold it down then.”

Shawn Shouts “OK let’s go.”

Shawn walks across the ladder to the others and holds it down. He starts to help the others on to the ladder.
“One at a time guys,” Shawn says.  Austin is the first to cross; he then takes Madeline’s place holding down the ladder.  Fitz is next she makes it across with ease. As Martha starts across a Zombie hits the Emergency Exit door in the back corner of baby.

The noise startles everyone. They all snap their heads around and look at the door. Fitz not watching where she is going, steps in the small pool of Madeline’s vomit, slips and falls off of the platform. She catches her self on a cross post of the cage. With her feet dangling Fitz starts to kick the Zombies who are grasping for her legs.  Austin lets go of the ladder and starts to pull Jen up. The entire accessories cage shakes. Martha has frozen in the middle of the ladder. The ladder falls with Martha hanging on like a scene out of and Indiana Jones movie. The ladder smashes down on a bunch of Zombies. A few of their heads squash like Zits. Martha falls off as the ladder hits the floor.

Aaron sees Martha hit the floor and runs to aid with face outs swinging.  Moving like Morpheus, Aaron smashes in the heads of the first two with two t-stand face outs. The Zombies fall like rocks.  He pulls a jet rail out of his back like sword and takes a mighty swing. The swing knocks the heads off of three Zombies. Aaron stumbles over a body, regains his balance and tries to find Martha.

Martha has fought her way to the top of the table in Men’s shop 3.  She has taken a face out from a t-stand with her and is hacking away at the members of the undead who try to use her as a snack. With her focus on the group in front of her Martha does not see the Zombie crawl up behind her, but Aaron does. He takes the long jet rail he is using as a club and chucks it across the store like a spear.  The jet rail zips by Martha’s head and catches the Zombie in the left temple and comes out its right ear. 

With Aaron and Martha both on the table fighting off the Zombie horde and Austin, Madeline, Scott and Fitz getting off the top of the booths into Women’s Shop 4 , Jason Gets on the walkie with Shawn and Alex. “You guys are going to have to jump down and make it in though the fitting room. You should be able to either kill or run by the five Zombies that are banging on the door to the kid’s stock room.”
“Right,” Shawn responds. “How do we get down?”

Aaron hearing thins over his walkie Shouts, “Just jump I don’t know how much longer we can keep this up.” 

Shawn and Alex jump down and start past the Zombies in the fitting room. The last one grabs Alex’s Shirt.  Aaron goes to help.  Martha is there hold her own for about 30 seconds, with a face out in each hand she crushes a skull then another, in that same motion she pulls the first face out of the first zombie and smashes it in to a third then a fourth there is a break she turns to see Aaron body tackle the zombie that had a hold of Alex. Martha turns to run to catch the group but she is over run by mass of undead souls. 
There are no screams from Martha, over the alarm from the emergency door a laugh that can only be described as the laugh of a woman going mad can be made out.  Then it is gone, to be replaced by the sound of snapping bones and ripping flesh.

Aaron is still in a life or death struggle with just one zombie. Shawn and Alex grab a couple of face outs that where just lying on a table in the fitting room. They charge the Zombies to save Aaron. Alex hits the zombie that is struggling with Aaron so hard in the head that the face out blows out of the Zombie on to Aarons body.  Aaron kicks the corps on to the ground. Shawn has missed with his face out but has pinned a Zombie to the wall next to the door by its shirt.  The three young men run to the back of the fitting room where Jason and his group had earlier set up another wall of h-bars. They scale it with ease. Looking back down the fitting room Alex notices that none of the Zombies have followed. They make it back with the others.

Patrice asks, “Are you guys ok?”
“Yeah I think we all are.” Aaron answers as he hides his left arm. Blood drips off of his finger and hits the ground. Madeline sees that Aaron is bleeding and she runs over to him.
“Holy crap! Aaron, you’re bleeding.”
“Oh, Yeah I’m ok, I, I, Just cut my arm on something…” Aaron starts to sway back and forth.  Madeline pulls up his sleeve.
“You’ve been bit.”
Aaron jerks his arm away and starts to roll down his sleeve, “You know you’re not a nurse yet…” Aaron is fading in and out.  Josh runs over.
“You’re missing a chunk of you arm. We need to take care of this.”
Aaron falls to the floor. While fading in and out he can almost make out what is being said. People are yelling.

“…bitten…a Zombie…”
“…help…kill him.”
“Yeah…through his skull.”
“Ok…your way.”

Aaron blacks out.  All he can hear is the blood rushing though his body and his heart pounding.  The world is spinning he can’t make it stop. All he can do is scream, “AGHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Soon Part 5 Same Zombie time, Same Zombie channel……

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