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Old Navy: A Zombie Story (part 5)

Disclaimer:  This is a work of fiction. The events that take place are for entertainment purposes ONLY.  This was written very quickly.

And now….

Before Noon Presents

Old Navy: A Zombie Story
Part 5
 But Wait, There’s MoreOf Them

Austin and Fitz walk in to the back room where Krissy is enjoying some Pizza and a bottle of water. 
Amy and Care are setting out the last of the Pizza for Austin and Fitz. Austin barrels into his few slices.
“Woo, slow down tiger. That is the last of the Pizza.” Care says.
Austin has his mouth full when he replies, “Maorry. M nust nearlly hunnry.”
Austin swallows, “Sorry, I’m just really hungry.”
Care looks across the table and Jen Fitz is just sitting there looking down at her Pizza, not touching it.  She did open her bottle of water; she has not taken a drink however she is spinning the cap like a top.
Care sees this and asks, “What’s wrong Jen?”
It takes Jen just a little bit for the question to register but she replies, “Well, I almost died out there. I slipped and fell. If it wasn’t for Austin I, I…”
Austin interrupts, “You where the one that caught your self on the pole. I just helped you up.”
“Well, thank you, any way.”

Care makes sure that the Krissy, Austin, and Fitz are all doing ok before she goes to see if any one else made it. As she walks into the Men’s stock room she sees Alex he looks a little frazzled. She runs up and gives him a big hug. He awkwardly hugs her back. It is quite a funny sight, petite Caroline and extremely tall Alex.  After their quick embrace Care runs back into the break room to get Alex some food and drink.  She comes back and gives Alex the food and bottle of water.
She then asks him, “Did any one else make it?”
“Well Shawn and Aaron did but…”
“But what?”
“well I think that he was bit.”
“Yeah but Madeline is taking care of him.”
Josh walks in, “Who is taking care of what?”
“Oh Aaron is hurt or something.” Alex replies.
Hearing this Josh runs over to Madeline and Aaron. There is a small pool of blood below Aaron.
Madeline is talking to Aaron, “You’re missing a chunk of you arm. We need to take care of this.”
Aaron falls to the floor.
Josh asks nervously, “What is wrong with him? Was he bitten, by a Zombie? If so we have to kill him”

 “I was going to help him. You are not going to kill him.”
“Yeah, you can’t help him. If some one is bitten by a zombie they become a zombie. Don’t you want to survive? If so no questions ask let me drive this face out through his skull.”
“What!? You just can’t kill some because they are hurt. We can tie him up and see if he will come around.”
“Ok fine we can do it your way.”

They drag Aaron out to Women’s four. The moan of the Zombies seams to be getting louder. The alarm from the door back in baby has been going off hours now.  Josh ties Aaron to a spine of a booth set on the wall away from both the door and the other zombies. Madeline climes up on top of the booths to take a look, she can see that the entire adult main street is covered with Zombies.

Josh yells up to Madeline, “Hey so how many do see?”
“Well, there is about, I don’t know a lot. Main Street is full of Zombies, but just Main Street.” Madeline replies.   She climes down.
“Well?” Josh asks.
“Well, there are no zombies out side. There are a few dead ones out side from what I could see and the only thing left of Martha seems to be, well, pieces of bones.”
“That’s going to haunt my dreams. Lets get back in we’ll check on Aaron later.”

Josh and Madeline walk into the back where Scott, Shawn and Jason are looking through some boxes.
“Are you sure that there is some in these boxes?” Shawn asks.
“Yeah there is no way that we put it all out.” Jason replies
“I thought so too, but all I am finding is socks.” Scott says.
“Well that’s just great but I am not wrapping up my balls in a bunch of socks.” Shawn sneers.
Josh is taken back by this. “What the hell are you guys talking about?”
“We decided that we should all change into some fresh underwear.” Jason replies.
“Oh” Josh leaves them and walks to the break room.

Madeline says nothing and continues into the break room. She passes Patrice as Patrice goes to see what the guys are doing.   As Patrice rounds the corner she sees all of the guys bare butts, as they pull on their new underwear she lets out a “Damn, so I guess that none of us ladies where good enough for you just had to experiment.”

There is a bit of silence.

Patrice continues, “Just kidding.”
Jason gets a little defensive, “Hey it took us a while to find the new underwear. We had to plow though a bunch of socks.”
Shawn replies “Plow though. Bow chick-a Bow.”
Scott tries to explain “We had some trouble finding the right box. It was kinda hard.”
“Bow chick-a Bow wow.”
Patrice by this time is rolling on the floor laughing. All of the guys are standing there with there pants around their ankles in their fresh underwear.
Patrice tries to ask a question why still laughing. “So you…plowed a bunch of boxes…and it was kinda hard.”
“Bow chick-a Bow wow.”
Every one breaks out in a fit of laughter.

It gets to be around three in the after noon. Amy H is fishing though her pockets to find some change to get some food from the vending machine. “Hey, does any one have a dime. I am getting hungry.”
“Uh, Hang on.” Jason says from across the room. He walks to the tables picks up a chair and with a mighty swing cracks the front to the candy machine.  He takes another swing and the glass shatters into about 6 large pieces.
Jason looks at Amy, “Keep the change.”

As the survivors eat some of the last food they have access to there is a group around the table with Scott and a group in the men’s stock room lounging. Scott starts to tell some jokes.
“While traveling thru the Appalachians, a circus lost one of its elephants.
The elephant wound up grazing in a hillbilly garden and the owner spied him.
Not recognizing the type of beast it was the backwoodsman phoned the Sheriff.
The Sheriff asked the man what the animal looked like to which he replied, “Well, he’s big and gray and has a tail on both ends.”
The Sheriff then asked what the animal was doing.
The backwoodsman replied, “He’s standing in my garden pulling cornstalks up with his tail.”
The Sheriff then asked “What is he doing with the cornstalks?”
The backwoodsman said,” Sheriff, if I told you, you wouldn’t believe me!

There is a lot of laughter. Madeline finishing her Fritos, Snickers and Sprite walks into the Men’s stock room giggling. She is going to take a nap. 
Erica looks up at Madeline and asks, “What is every one laughing at.”
Madeline replies, “Oh Scott is telling jokes again.”
“I could use a good laugh can you tell it to me.”
“Ok the Appalachians where going to a circus and found an elephants. No wait. It was a hillbilly. While traveling thru some hills an elephant lost it circus…Damn!”
“Are you ok?”
“Yeah, let me try again. While traveling thru the Appalachians a hillbilly was eating cornstalks. And an elephant was there. CRAP!”
“I could just go ask Scott.”
Scott walks in, “Ask Scott what?”
“Nothing. I was just telling Erica your Elephant joke.”
“Ok lay it on me.”
“While traveling thru some cornstalks a hillbilly sees an elephant and the Sheriff.”
“Are you ok?” Scott asks.
“No I just some times.”
“You can’t tell a joke, can you?”
“No, wait, yes I can.”
“No, no. It’s like a little kid. You get the joke but then when you start to tell it you mess it up.”
“Ok one more try.”
 “While traveling thru the Appalachians, a Sheriff saw a lost elephant.
The elephant was eating some corn with its butt and…Wait the circus lost the elephant. And it’s the Hillbilly. DAMN IT!”
“Keep working on it. Besides Josh said you where suppose to check on Aaron with him.”
Madeline stomps off in both anger and frustration.

Madeline walks past Jason digging through the boxes on the shelves by the lockers and into the Women’s Stock room.  Josh is in there swing a face out. 

Shawn starts to follow Madeline but stops to see what Jason is doing.
“What are you looking for Jason?”
“Well we are out of food. I was hoping that with all of the Zombie talk the other day that food might have been hidden up here…”
Jason pauses for a second.
Shawn notices the pause, “What did you find.”
“Well,” Jason continues. “There are some numbers written on this panel up here.”
“Numbers, what Numbers?”
“4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42”
“What do you think those numbers mean?”
“I have no idea. It might be in Andy’s hand writing. It is a little sloppy.”
“Josh may know we could go ask him.”

Jason hops down from the ladder and Shawn and he walk in to the Women’s Stock room.  They see Madeline and Josh having a heated argument.

“Josh you just can’t kill Aaron! He is not a zombie! He was just bitten!”
“Yeah, he was bitten! That’s how you become a zombie!”
“Could you just wait till he IS a Zombie! Hell, you know the man for peat sake!”
“Being bitten and being a Zombie are the same thing!
“No they are not.”
“You say potato…”
“Yeah I do, and so does every one else I know.”
“Fine we will just let him turn into a Zombie first.”

After a few beats Jason interrupts the argument.
“Hey Josh, we found some numbers on the hatch/panel thing.”
Katie S. (Josh’s girl friend) and Jen Ross walk in from the door that leads to the fitting room.  Shawn sees them. But no one else, the two ladies are catching there breath.
Josh just asks Jason, “What are the numbers on the hatch?”
Jason replies, “4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42.”
“Those are the numbers from the TV show Lost. I would think that Andy or some one would have used them so we look in side of it.”
Katie looks up and says, “Those same numbers where on the hatch in the kids stock room. That is where we found the food and other stuff.”
Katie being there does not faze Josh.
Josh continues, “Ok we should look in the hatch…”
Josh pauses.
Shawn says, “Wait for it.”
There is a short beat. The Josh turns and runs to Katie.
They Hug and share a small kiss. The short passionate kiss that lovers share when one picks up another at the air port.
Jen Ross clears her throat, “So are we all going to go get every one else or what?”
Shawn looks at Jen, “There are more of you?”
“There are 10 of us in the other room. We need to go get them; also Andy left some really nice stuff over there.”

Be here next week for more amazing, fantastic, gory zombie-ness…Part 6

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