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Old Navy: A Zombie Story (part 6)

Disclaimer:  This is a work of fiction. The events that take place are for entertainment purposes ONLY.  This was written very quickly.

And now….

Before Noon Presents

Old Navy: A Zombie Story
Part 6
In the Kids stock room

Andy and Steve are up in the front of the store.  Katie W is ringing out a customer and Alex is folding a table of shirts in the front of boys. Andy and Steve are talking; they are both shivering a little bit because of the cold. 
“So when did they say the Pizza would be here?” Andy says.
“Oh any time now.” Steve says through his chattering teeth.

They stand there, shaking. Over the walkie Brian calls Andy to the Office.
Andy turns to Steve, “Crap its even colder back there.”
“Well man, good luck.”

Steve starts to fold some shirts by the truck.  He looks up just in time to see the pizza guy come in the door.  Steve takes the Pizza to the men’s stock room and starts to set them up.

Danice walks sees Steve setting up the food and can’t believe the amount the pizza that they ordered.

“Ok so how many stores are we feeding tonight?”
“Oh just ours, but we got one heck of a deal, Gosh darn itl.”
Danice sneaks a slice of pizza, she takes a bite. With the food in one cheek she asks, “Do we put the cooler on to the left or the right of the pizza?”
“Well we could do both.”

The wind howls so loudly that Both Danice and Steve glance up hoping that nothing comes crashing down on them.

Andy walks back through. He starts to count the T-stands.
Steve looks at Andy, “Do we need a count of T Stands for something?”
“Oh, kind of, it is part of a game for the meeting.”
“Oh yeah. Brain said something about that.”

Andy walks back out to the floor.

A few moments pass while Danice and Steve each have a few slices of pizza.  They finish just as Jason and Josh walk through the door.  They say hello.

Jason sees the pizza. As he reaches for a slice he shouts, “Hey, Pizza!”
Danice slaps his hand away. “We are not ready yet. Just wait till every one gets here.”
“Sorry,” Jason lowers his head and walks away in shame.
“Can you believe that guy?” Danice Asks.

A Trains horn is drowned out by another gust of screaming wind.  It sends a shiver down Danice’s spine. Patrice, Nick and Andy come barging through the door to the men’s stock room.   Danice jumps. There is some laughter from the break room.

Danice and Steve leave the food and continue on with their night.  Steve works his way out to the floor.  He makes it to the daily zone chart to see if any one missed a break.  His eye is caught by a well worn and folded up piece of paper.  He opens it up.  Across the top is typed

Zombie Contingency Plan for Old Navy

A few lists follow.

1. Protection
2. Food and Water
3. Communication
4. Security
5. Survival
6. Other

Steve Flips to the next page it is labeled: 6. Other.

Nothing is typed on it but there are about two dozen hand written notes.  He can tell that Andy has written this by the style of the chicken scratch.  He reads a few of the notes:

Heat—if this is going to happen soon then we will need some kind of heat. There are plenty of close in the store…maybe some sort of fire or electric heat?

Need something to cook the food.

Those two thoughts are circled and an arrow is drawn to a word with that has been circled many times in three colors of ink:

A bang comes form the front doors. Steve snaps his head around and sees a big group of employees come in the front door for the meeting.  He looks at his watch, almost time to lock the doors.

Steve locks the kid’s side doors. Just as he locks shuts them for the last time and gives them a shake. The wind howls and the rain starts to poor out of the sky. It’s a heavy rain like blobs of Jell-O. In a matter of moments Steve can not see Popeye’s from the door.  He walks back into the store and tosses Andy the key so he can lock the Adult side doors.

Steve watches Andy struggle with the door. Brian starts the meeting, then Danice starts with her part.  Steve looks back over and Andy is still struggling with the door, this time with Shawn standing next to him.  The wind gust and slams in to Andy knocking him down. Shawn helps Andy in to the store and slams the door shut but it did not latch on all the way.  Andy looks to be bleeding but people are taking care of it.

Later in the meeting Steve and Danice are going over some Loss Prevention items with one of the groups by the kid’s side doors up around register six.  The group starts to get rowdy. Steve whips his hand in the Air.
 “Hand goes up, Mouths go shut.” He says with a smile.
The group laughs.

All of a sudden a man runs up and bangs on the windows behind Steve and Brian. He looks like he has just come from a meeting with the Devil. Soaked to the bone he has a determined look on his face.  Brian tries to tell the man that they where closed. But the man just yells through the glass.
I need to get in and call for help! My Wife, My wife was just eaten alive!”
The man runs to the middle of the glass and starts pounding away.
            “Let me in! Hell has been released!” The man stops shouting. He looks to his left and then out into the parking lot. Then he runs away in terror, screaming.

Lani standing next to Jen Ross asks in her northern accent, “What the heck was that about?”

“I have no Idea.” Jen replies, “You would think people would have better thing to do that try and con their way into a store.”
Lani Ask, “you don’t think that, that guy really needed help do you?”
“A rain coat, yes. Help most likely not.”

With a bang and a crash the wind rips the door on the adult side of the store open.  Andy gets up and dashes to the open door.  With the cold rain pound down on him Andy is having trouble closing the door. Then all of a sudden he just stops, then he turns and stairs into the rain. The rain by this point is dripping from his nose and beard. Every one in the store is watching him like it is a movie.  Brian finally makes it over to see what is wrong. He yells something to Andy and Andy replies. Finally they get the door shut.  Brian has a little rain on his shoes and pants but Andy is soaked to the bone.  Shawn brings a mop and some paper towels to clean up the water. The three of them are talking. 

All of a sudden about five people come to the kid's side doors and slam into them.  They smear the windows.

A scream comes from some where. "Is That Blood?"

Every one starts looking at the windows more and more zombies appear and slam them self in to the giant windows that cover the front of the store. A weird greenish substance is mixed in with the blood that is being smeared onto the windows.

The Zombies break through the adult side doors where Andy is standing. They grab him and start to pull him out side.  Brian and Shawn try to pull him back in side. Shawn slips and falls.

Steve starts to run over to help out but he sees Andy getting ripped into four pieces. Then Brian becomes engulfed.

He hears some one shout, "To the back!" Steve starts to get his group to the kid's stock room down kids Main Street. About half of his group tries to cross to get over to the front stock room. While running to the back Steve sees a few people scramble up some ladders to get on top of the booth sets. 

Steve is the last one into the entrance of the fitting room the group that went into the kid's stock room. He looks around before he walks into the stock room and sees ten zombies plodding toward him through the baby section. He doesn't see any other zombies but he can hear them. The hum from the grown of the mass of zombies coming from the other side of the store could put you to sleep. Steve shakes off what he has just seen and slams the door behind him.

He turns around, "Is every one ok in here."
Sherri looks up, "I think so but Larson and Danice both tossed their cookies on the way back here."
Jen Ross points to a set of numbers and some words that are written on the wall above the door.

4 8 15 16 23 42    Find these numbers. They will save your life.

Steve reads them, "Huh? What do you think that means?"
"I don't know," Jen Ross replies. "But we might want to find those numbers."

Be back next week for Part 7 or Numb3rs or the room with a bunch of stuff in it that someone had way too much time on their hands to do……

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